A fantastic time capsule workbook has been created to help children make sense of everything that is currently happening. Several parents we know said their children found it really therapeutic.

The workbook has actually proved so popular, it crashed the designer's site when it was released!

It has been created by Canadian graphic designer, Natalie Long of LONG Creations, originally from the UK, who made the resource initially for her own children.

"We are all living through history and something I have said I wanted to do from the beginning is make a keepsake of this moment for us to look back on. I have saved newspapers and artwork done by my kids, taken photos of all our days and kept a diary. BUT I have also been working on a 'time capsule' worksheet for my daughter, son and I to fill out. This will be available as a FREE resource for any of my fans"

The capsule contains 11 sheets with an activity on each. It encourages kids to record a snapshot of their current life through photos, diary entries, and artwork.

There are also sheets to document how they're feeling and most importantly what they're looking forward to when this is over.

Natalie has also now put together a pdf capsule for adults to complete too.

Click here to download the free pdfs and get started on your own time capsule!