Many of us are now a few weeks into working from home and it’s certainly been an interesting and unprecedented transition for many! We’ve all had to move out of our comfort zones, away from our familiar working space and colleagues.

But no matter where you’re working you can still be as productive as ever and even really enjoy the experience.

So, whether you now feel like a work from home pro or are still struggling a bit, why not try these extra ideas to help you work at your best every day.

Get ready

Try and stick to your normal morning routine – get dressed, work out, eat breakfast or whatever helps you wake up and feel mentally prepared for the day. Rolling out of bed and immediately starting work isn’t giving your body or your mind the chance to gear up and get ready. It also means you have no way of switching off at the end of the day if you’re already on the sofa with your PJ’s.

Use your commute

If you’re used to having a morning and evening commute, try scheduling this time in your calendar to do something fun. This could be the perfect time for exercise, learning a new hobby, playing with the kids or simply having some free relaxing time.

List It

Start your morning by writing your to-do list for the day, either using pen and paper or electronically using programs such as OneNote (click here to learn how to integrate OneNote into your Microsoft Teams)

Try the 3 lists of 3 technique for maximum productivity – 3 things you must do today, 3 things you’d like to do and 3things you should do at some point. This will help you focus on what’s important that day. Make sure you tick items off as you go to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Make it difficult

A great top tip is to make it difficult for yourself to get distracted. Keep your personal phone and gadgets in another room and switch off the TV. Try logging out of all your social media accounts and turn off notifications. Let close friends and family know your working hours so they won’t disturb you to as much as is possible.

Make snack time special

Plan and prep your food the night before so you feel organised and are not wasting your lunch break prepping food. Avoid the crumbs and don’t bring food to your desk - instead make sure you get up and enjoy some proper screen free time. Indulge yourself with a favourite snack and present it beautifully for a proper treat during the working day.

Let go of perfect

Yes, there will be household tasks that need to be done during the day but don’t pressure yourself to get these completed. Aim for productive not perfect and be ok with a bit of messy.Keep your workspace clean and tidy and ignore the rest until home time – you wouldn’t stop working at the office to pop on a load of washing!

Try this list of fantastic LinkedIn courses to take your productivity next level. If you have any fantastic working from home hacks – let us know!