Do you spend a lot of time at your desk? Conventional office work might mean that you spend anywhere between 8-12hrs per day seated in one position.

Your workday could be even longer during lockdown as you might be expected to be available for the whole day!

Continuously sitting in one position (or standing!) could leave you with muscular tension, especially around your upper shoulders and neck region.

Here are my top stretches that you can do between Zoom calls or if you just need to recharge!

If you feel tightness in a specific area of your neck, then hold it for a little longer before carrying on with your neck circles.

If the stretch is too intense for your arm, then have a slight bend at your elbows. Otherwise try to lift your outstretched arm to shoulder height, keeping your arm and fingers straight too.
If you find it difficult to touch your palms, then just have the back of your hands connected or hold opposite shoulder blades. Keep arms bent and ensure that your elbows are lifted to the height of your shoulders.

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