In this Live BIG webinar special guest Matt Bolton-Alarcon shares with us the secrets of Creativity he teaches to Google leaders all over the world.

Matt is my best friend from being teenagers. I was best man at his wedding, I'm godfather to his two children, he even dated my sister for three years!!! We bizarrely followed each other into careers in radio, and then into training. I'm so proud of him - he's one of the world's leading experts on unleashing human creativity to solve problems.

He works with serious names including Adidas, Innocent and L’Oréal. He teaches Google's highest rated internal learning programme 'The Magic Academy'. And he's the founder of Special Sauce - Unbottling Human Potential.


‘Disruption creates invention. Now is the time to ensure we’re at our creative best’

Matt spends his time helping organisations with the skills to think differently in their day job. 

This has always been centred in helping people in busy office environments get more focus and collaborate well. 

COVID has disrupted this. We now have the opportunity to reset how we work and get the most out of our brain’s potential. 

Matt will give us his insights in how to be more focused, creative and ultimately have more impact when working remotely, in person or in life.  

This is not about tech and how to do task lists. This is about deliberately using our brain when it performs at its best and not leaving it to chance.

You will come away with:
More confidence in how to tap into your full creative potential.
Tips and tricks for solving problems in new ways. 
A mindset tune up for creativity in work and in life.


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