4.55 mins
However you lead (in work, family or community), this is a time for us all to step up. It's likely the impact of how leaders and organisations treat their people throughout this crisis will last much longer than the crisis itself. If we deeply and genuinely demonstrate our care for our colleagues as human beings first in this difficult moment - we will gain loyalty and engagement back in spades; as well as it being the right thing to do.

Google found that psychological safety, people feeling comfortable to share ideas, be honest about mistakes, and feel supported was the number 1 factor in high performing teams. And if that’s true generally - peoples need to feel safe must be off the charts right now!!

For leaders (in all walks of life) that means our ability to care about our people on a deeply human level, to have constructive and emotional conversations and coach people on mindset as well as focus and action. 

The purpose of this webinar is to help ourselves and our people come through the coronavirus crisis even more inspired, engaged and committed. This moment presents a real opportunity to support our people’s mindset, energy and ability to change - if we get it right, the rewards emotionally and economically could be huge.

3 things you will learn:

  • The Leadership Problem - Science and stories behind engagement, performance and happiness at work.
  • The Human Problem - Explore what we know about our psychology and the human need for safety. 
  • A few Solutions - Exercises to see how we’re doing: and Actions to take-away and use immediately.  

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