How often do we start our day in such a rush that we don’t even give a second thought to the way we would like the day to go?

Before we know it we have allowed someone’s actions to rub us up the wrong way, we have developed a set of feelings and behaviours that are not serving us well and the often-automatic reactions of stress, impatience or even rage are soon taking over our day.

These are patterns that many of us very easily get stuck in, day in and day out.  But we don’t have to stay in this place, we can live our days with purpose and intention.

This practice is best done first thing in the morning, before checking social media, phones and emails.


On waking up, sit on your bed or a chair in a relaxed posture with your feet flat on the ground if possible. Close your eyes and allow yourself to connect with the sensations of your seated body.   Make sure that your spine is straight, but not rigid.


Take three long, deep nourishing breathsbreathing in through your nose and back out through your mouth. Let your breath settle into its own natural rhythm.  As you breathe simply follow the breath in and out, noting the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe.


Ask yourself ‘what is my intention for today?’. As you think about the day and the people and activities that you are expected to face consider the following:


Set your intention for the day. What do you feel is important to you?  What feelings do you want?  What self-behaviours do you want to see? For example:

Check In

Check-in throughout the day. Allow yourself to pause, take a breath and use this time to revisit your intention. You will soon notice that as you start to become more aware of the intention that you set each day your relationships, moods and the quality of your communications will shift.